Would coud be achieved

By following this strategy which i use for the opening parts to the game you wil be well on your way to getting a good garden. I don't know when the upgrades into play so just follow this and see what happens. Follow these easy steps and you will have a good garden in no time:

1. To begin with if you are starting new, listen to everything Leafos tells you and you will not have any problems, however if you start new because of data problems you will not need to listen. In any case start of by breaking all the junk to get coins, when your done you should have 360 coins.

2. Smack the dirt until ther is no hard soil left and then begin planting your grass, by now you should have two Whirlms and you should have attracted the Sparrowmint, Syrupent and the Doenut. You should have built a Whirlm house and they should have romanced, by doing this you can make a Sparrowmint resident or two, night time rolls in and you should get your clock, experience petals and another pinaa attracted to your garden along with either a bunnycomb or mouse depending on which seed you chose earlier.

3. By now the shop will be open, so I recommend that you get in total 6 Daisys for the Taffflys and the white flutterscotch and 8 buttercups incase the Tafflys go for them instead and it helps to attract a Buzzlegum. When you reach level 3 you will get the appearance of your first Sour, wait until level four to get 2 apple seeds, one for planting and the other to tame the Sour Shellybean.

4. By now you will have a good garden with a variety of species so keep this page in mind as more steps will come on at a later time.