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Over head few of the island

Pinata Island is home to many gardens that are filled with all sorts of plants, pinata and occasionaly people. There are three locations that serve as homes and jobs on the island, the Village house a otal of 9 people who live and work in the shops, the Garden is home to 2 people and a variety of pinata. And Pinata Central is home to 1 person and acts as capital of Pinata Island.

In GameEdit

You arrive on Pinata Island a couple of days after the catastrophe that occured within the garden because of Pester and the Ruffians. You set about making things right while attempting to attract and tame all of the islands residents. Pinata Island is said to have loads of gardens each filled with all sorts of pinata. Pinata Island recieves buisness in the form of parties and each pinata is sent to Pinata Central to be sent to a party, repaired and then have the whole process occur all over again.