Viva pinata Cover

Cover art.

== Viva Pinata Classic==

Viva Pinata is the first game of Rare's Viva Pinata series, based of the TV series of the same name, the player is tasked with taking a ruined plot of land and turning it into a garden with loads of species and plants. To make this become reality you need to attract and tame as many species as you can to make your garden expand and to help unlock new shops, pinatas, characters and items in the shop.

Plot Edit

The former owner of the garden Jardeneiro and his 4 children, Stardos, Leafos, Storkos, and Sidos have lived in peace on Pinata Island with a large and beautiful garden inhabited by nearly every single pinata. However after hearing a rumor about the legendary Dragonache he sets with his wife to find the egg and bring it back. However whilst he was away his former helper Lester came to the garden and asked stardos to come with him into the jungle to try out a piece of candy he created. Whilst Stardos was gone, a gang of Ruffians appeared and began to destroy the garden and taking all of the pinatas in a crate to Lester. When Jardeneiro arrived after the unsuccessful trip and without his wife got back to the garden too late. Sidos took shelter with his Sellybeans and he started to like seeds, eventually he called himself Seedos. Stardos went missing but a new person showed up, his name is Dastardos and he watches their futile attempts to get the garden back in order. A new owner arrives and he has a few tools and help from the family, his or her task is to rebuild the garden in any they see fit then maybe the pinatas will come out of hiding once more.


The task of the game is to resore the garden to normal and attract as many pinata species as you can whilst dealing with weeds, Ruffians, Sours and Professer Pester. You can go about this anyway you like and there are a variety of plants and decorations and building to use when creating a garden. The game is freeform which means there is no real goal or real way to failing because you can do what you like. 60 species roam the Island but you will have to coax them out.